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Rules, Regulations & Forms

Please note the important, updated and clearly marked NEW documents listed below!

  • VSCCA Standards for Speed Events (PDF) NEW! Includes several updates for the 2024 season!
    Please note that exceptions apply to hill climbs and select events

  • VSCCA Car Eligibility for Speed Event (PDF) NEW! Much simplified to clearly distinguish between cars that are eligible for VSCCA logbooks and others that we welcome at our speed events. Please note that exceptions apply to hill climbs and select events
  • VSCCA Tech Sheet (PDF) NEWNew for 2024!

Don't miss our Tech Tips

The VSCCA “Approved Driver” ID Card

VSCCA will produce a durable PVC photo ID card for approved drivers who wish to obtain one. Please note that this card is not required for entry into any VSCCA event. For VSCCA events, your regular membership card, with the approved driver note on the back, is the accepted form of identification.

This photo ID card is intended for members who desire to use their VSCCA “Approved Driver” credentials for entry into non-VSCCA events with other VMC member organization races and the Labor Day Lime Rock Historic Festival. In fact, the club encourages you to enter the Lime Rock Historic Festival using your VSCCA credentials as the club benefits financially from VSCCA member participation.

To cover production and mailing costs, there is an additional $10 fee to obtain an “Approved Driver” ID. That fee is noted as an option on the accompanying membership dues form.

The card is lanyard ready with a standard oval lanyard clip hole at the top. In addition to having your photo, name, and expiration dates on the front, the back contains your mailing address in the event it is lost and recovered and provides for optional medical and emergency contact information. The medical and emergency contact may be omitted at the member’s discretion.

To obtain an ID card, select it as an option on the membership renewal form. A current medical must be on file with the VSCCA before an ID can be produced. In addition, be sure to send a “Passport” style photo for the ID to the Club Secretary.

Note: Only “Approved Drivers” will have the option of purchasing an ID card. If you do not see that option on your renewal form and you believe you are an “Approved Driver”, please contact Charles Bordin.

VSCCA Cancellation Policy

  • An entrant may cancel their entry into a VSCCA event for any reason up to seven (7) days (one week) prior to an event via If the entrant has entered with a paper entry, they must inform the Event Chairman in writing seven days prior to the event of their cancellation. For an event that begins on a Friday, for example, the entrant may cancel up to 11:59 PM the Thursday seven days prior.
  • If an entrant cancels within seven (7) days of the event their credit card will be charged the full amount of their entry. 50% of the entry fee will be a cancellation fee, 50% will be a credit applied to a future VSCCA event.  If the entrant has entered with a paper entry their check will be cashed and 50% will be a cancellation fee, 50% will be a credit applied to a future VSCCA event (the credit may not be applied to an event hosted by a different club).
  • Entries not cancelled before the first day of the event will result in a full charge for the event with no credit issued. 
  • A “no show” will be considered not to have cancelled and will be charged in full with no credit issued. 
  • An entrant may not reduce their two-day entry to a one-day entry within seven days of an event.Any meal canceled within seven (7) days of an event will be charged in full with no refund or credit due to caterer commitments (Equinox, Castle Hill, Holidays, etc.)