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Important Website Information!

The Board and Website Committee are delighted to provide a preview of our new website.

Please note that although you can see a "Login" link at the top-right, it is nonfunctional!

Everything else functions, except for the membership database which the board is working on and the new Classifieds module which is database-dependent. As soon as our new site's database has been established, we'll go live for online membership applications, renewals and members will be able to post classified ads. Stay tuned!

Please explore our new website by selecting from the several drop-down menu items above in the blue bar, including:

  • Our Club: About joining, contacts, history, awards, advertising with us, donations and much more
  • Join Us!: Learn about our activities and how to get involved with the VSCCA
  • Events: Upcoming, as well as past event coverage with photos, videos and more
  • Flagging: Learn how to get real close to the action without owning a race car
  • Rules, Form, Tech: Download forms and read tech tips
  • Media: Explore photo albums, videos, magazines, newsletters and much more
  • Shopping: Our new classifieds section

Your opinion is welcome. Whether suggestions, gripes or comments, please feel free to email Kobus.

Need help? Here are some PDF files: